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Dino... the ringleader, crusader, and often times, instigator behind seoWest.
Dino Basaldella
Dino Basaldella

Lead SEO Strategist & Founder of seoWest

My profile photo was taken during a 102 mile ride near the top of King’s Ridge – a renowned section of steep climbing here in Sonoma County. I apply the same energy, intensity & resolve toward each and every one of my client’s projects.

In 2006 I founded Sonoma County Web, providing website design & management services to local businesses. It was through this endeavor, I developed a passion & skill set for Search Engine Optimization – especially as applied to Local SEO. For the past 6 years, I have been studying and applying Search Engine Optimization techniques, producing fantastic organic search engine placements for business clients throughout Sonoma County and beyond.

I have completed advanced SEO courses mentored by Kalena Jordan, founder of Search Engine College, as well as studies in website usability (UX) and information architecture (IA) led by UX industry expert, Kim Krauss Berg. I am also a member of the Search Engine Marketing Professionals Organization (SEMPO). With business growing, the need to focus upon core services was becoming increasingly apparent, and served as inspiration for the arrival of seoWest.

NEWSFLASH! I am now Adwords certified and seoWest is a Google Partner agency!


SEO Services

Our Local SEO services we provide, sets us apart from the crowd.
We are Local SEO experts
“SEO is tough. Local SEO is tougher. Why? It’s more granular. Achieving positive search results at Local SEO level requires even greater attention to detail and a thorough comprehension and command of Google+ Local Pages, maps & more.”

PPC Services

Our PPC advertising campaigns generate leads & conversions.
Our Search Engine Marketing campaigns rock!
“OK… So that’s a bold statement, but we feel we have earned the right to brag a little. We build. We deploy. We measure, test & refine. And, so the process repeats, until we have your campaigns optimized and fine-tuned like a classic violin. Clients with multiple locations are a challenge, and our specialty.

Our Workflow

This is our process. It is simple, intuitive & establishes clear objectives.
01. Requirements & Understanding

I can’t emphasize enough, how important it is for us to have a clear understanding of your requirements from the onset. Additionally, we set-forth realistic SEO & PPC performance expectations to ensure you are not misled in any way shape or from.

02. Planning & Time Management

Careful planning of any SEO, SEM or SMM campaign is important; as it provides both client and agency with projected completion dates for the project or subsets of the project. Additionally, establishing a definitive time-frame allows us to work efficiently.

03. Start Design and Coding

Often times, clients come to us with websites in various forms of disarray. Since SEO is an integral part of IA, we must redesign the site to ensure maximum accessibility & user experience. In these cases, we collaborate with our partner designers.

04. Test & Deliver On Schedule

Testing our implementation of markup and coding is imperative to the ultimate success of any SEO or PPC strategy. When everything meets our rigid standards – your project or campaign goes live – on time! Then we begin analyzing data over and over, and over…

Our Clients & Friends

A few examples of companies we work for on a continual basis. Competitors: do your homework!
I have mixed thoughts about providing examples of my work. Obviously, you will click-through to the websites to view my work. However, what you see may not necessarily represent my work or my abilities. Why? Simple. Maybe the site was designed by another firm. Maybe the site is an aesthetic work-in-progress. Maybe I provide SEO, SEM or SMM services only. And, maybe said services are limited by the client's budget. So, you see, it is quite possible you will gain little if any of the information you seek. Please contact seoWest to discuss specific details regarding any of the following projects.


Feel free to contact us with general questions. We actually respond in a timely & intelligent fashion.

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