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penguin 4.0 will be a dynamic update

Penguin 4.0 is Pending

Just a little heads-up in case you haven’t heard the buzz… Google is rumored to soon be releasing a massive new update to the Penguin algorithm, but there is a catch, this one is DYNAMIC! That’s big news for Search Engine Marketers who have been struggling to combat spammy SERP results. Since Penguin 4.0 will […]

SEO Math Made Simple

Please tell me again… why am I paying you for local SEO services? Everyone in the SEO or PPC business has likely encountered a question similar to this at one point or another. It’s a legit question, and one that should be addressed at the onset of the agency/client relationship.  However, attempting to convey the […]

Why do I need SEO?

Why Do I Need SEO?

Business owners often come to the realization that their website is not visible in search results for key phrases related to their particular industry or trade. In its simplest form – therein lies the answer to the question – your website is not visible or your competitors’ websites are out-ranking your website in the search […]

Local SEO in Sonoma County involves many factors.

Local SEO Troubleshooting Example

As an SEO specializing in Local SEO, I am often asked, “Do I really need SEO work?” Allow me to provide a single example (there are thousands) of why SEO is crucial to achieving and maintaining visibility in the SERPs – especially when it comes to local businesses trying to be seen in the blended […]