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Barnacle SEO in Sonoma County.

Barnacle SEO – Hitch a Ride!

First of all, a barnacle can be defined as: A marine crustacean, that permanently attaches itself to a various surfaces, such as the hull of a ship. The term was originally coined by Will Scott and expounded upon by my Local SEO cohort and friend, Phil Rozek over at Local Visibility System. So, how does […]

Importance of NAP in Local SEO.

NAP Your Way to Search Rankings

In the old days… like about 100 years ago, when the postcard above was mailed to a recipient in Sonoma County; a geographic region and town apparently sufficed. The postcard founds it’s was to the intended recipient in, what was then, a tiny little community. Times have changed. Now, it is imperative to have a […]