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Google Partner badge.

Google Partner Badge Achieved!

We are very proud to announce seoWest has earned an honor of distinction – Google Partner status!

For those not familiar with what this means… Google has a special Partner program for Search Engine Marketing agencies offering various forms of Google Adwords advertising (e.g. PPC, Display and Video). Google sets-forth very stringent criteria, which aspiring Partners must meet and maintain, prior to earning the ability to display the Partner badge. Agencies must manage a minimum aggregate budget, continually implement Best Practices in order to maximize potential ROI for clients, and pass two certification exams after absorbing more than 700+ pages of pdf documentation, combined with other training platforms provided by Google.

So what does all this mean to you as a business owner? It means seoWest can be trusted to develop and deploy Adwords advertising strategies, utilizing the latest tools and technology, to help you increase your profit potential.

More about Adwords

Adwords campaigns by seoWest.

Google Adwords is a proven method of cost per click (CPC) adverstising, providing various opportunities to get your website or brand in front of visitors for key phrases related to your business, trade or industry as they search on Google or on Google’s partner sites. Text Ads, Display Ads and Video Ads on Youtube can often be combined with sophisticated bid strategies (e.g. Conversions based upon Cost Per Acquisition) in order to help you reach your target market and achieve maximum profit potential. The Google Adwords platform is extremely robust and flexible!

Please feel free to Contact Us so we can get to know you, your business goals, and help get you started in Adwords advertising with the best possible chance for success!

Special Offers

Clients new to Google Adwords advertising will be eligible to receive special promotional offers (e.g. Spend $25 and Receive $100 Adwords Advertising credit).

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