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New Tools for Adwords Marketers.

Google Unveils New Tools

Today, I would like to provide a few highlights garnered from Google’s #StepInsidesAdwords live stream presentation by Jerry Dischler , I viewed a few moments ago.

Key Takeaway: It’s no longer about devices. It’s about connecting people to the content they care about.

New products were announced on three tiers:

Innovative Ad Formats – providing holistic solutions to advertising apps across all platforms. And, re-engagement with app deep-linking.

Insightful Reporting – measuring offline conversions while maintaining user privacy concerns.

Intelligent Tools – Bulk Action Tools for Adwords including various new automated bidding tools to maximize sales, etc. dependent upon advertising goals.

Additionally, Paul Feng headed-up a presentation announcing new Power Tools for Adword marketers.

Enhanced Reporting – Providing the ability to work with multidimensional live Adwords data via drag-n-drop metrics & dimensions.

I am very excited about this tool, as it will allow users to focus more upon finding actionable insights as opposed to expending time manipulating data in external applications.

Drafts & Experiments Will allow marketeers to create and save a campaign in draft mode and run the campaign as an experiment.

The significance of this tool, is that it will enable users to test and compare data from an existing campaign against live data collected from an experimental campaign. If results are favorable, you will be able to replace the existing campaign with the experimental campaign from within the campaign dashboard.

Great new features from the Google Adwords team!

New Tools for Adwords Marketers.

To watch the recent live stream or for the latest Adwords news & tips, please visit the: Adwords Blogspot.


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