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Local SEO in Sonoma County involves many factors.

Local SEO Troubleshooting Example

As an SEO specializing in Local SEO, I am often asked, “Do I really need SEO work?” Allow me to provide a single example (there are thousands) of why SEO is crucial to achieving and maintaining visibility in the SERPs – especially when it comes to local businesses trying to be seen in the blended 7-pack – Local SEO is imperative.

I would like to provide a brief example depicting a typical scenario where (for various reasons) multiple G+ profiles had been unknowingly created and convoluted – both on a personal and business level.

While my client maintains strong Organic search rankings for specific key phrases, the Google+ Local business listing had poor visibility. Often times, this can indicate an issue with the Google+ side of the equation. I set about identifying the issue(s). The first step, was to seek-out and identify accounts related to my client, then begin creating a visual map including account names, types and urls in order to gain a perspective as to how everything was related.

I discovered my client had two separate Google+ personal profiles. Red Flag 1
The duplicate profile above managed two Google+ Local business pages – each representing the same business. Red Flag 2
The duplicate Google+ Local business page was attached to a Youtube channel. Red Flag 3
The profile seen in the screen shot below was the correct profile, but also managed an Unverified G+ Local page and a Verified G+ Local page – representing the same business. Red Flag 4

The mission involved deleting the duplicate personal profile, duplicate business page and reassigning the Youtube channel to the Verified business page under the correct G+ profile, then removing the duplicate managed business page under the correct G+ profile.

The reassignment of the Youtube channel required assistance from Google Youtube support.
If you have no idea what the terminology used above means… it’s another indication you could likely benefit from SEO a.k.a. Search Engine Optimization.

Troubleshooting a Google+ Local page in Sonoma County.

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