Search Engine Marketing & Google Adwords services

SEM (Search Engine Marketing aka Paid Search Advertising) entails the process of garnering website traffic by paying for advertising on search engine result pages or on websites visited by a specific target audience. SEM can be a very effective method to obtain leads and sales.

Our Paid Search Advertising Services

Market Insights

Gain valuable insights into your target audience with tools made available to Google Partner agencies like seoWest.

Keyword Discovery

We help you find keywords that are highly relevant to your business offerings to ensure your ads are visible to your market.

Precision Targeting

Target by region, city, radius, ZIP code, language, demographic and more. Enjoy complete control over who sees your ads.

Ad Copy & Landing Pages

We compose ad copy that entices action and drive visitors to highly relevant landing pages in order to maximize conversions.

Strategic Campaigns

We create ad campaigns based upon your specific type of business and marketing goals (e.g. text ads, display ads and video).

Analysis & Reporting

Measuring and testing. Data-driven results is what it's all about, and how we demonstrate value with comprehensive reporting.

Additional Services provided by seoWest

seoWest provides complete search engine optimizaton services for both local businesses and national brand companies.
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seoWest provides comprehensive Google Analytics data segmentation and reporting services to provide meaningful and actionable insights.
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How will Search Engine Marketing benefit me?

Search Engine Marketing or PPC Advertising such as Google Adwords can be a highly-effective means to generate more qualified leads and revenue. Google Adwords advertising provides a highly flexible and scalable method to reach your target audience with your message in the moment that matters - when they are searching for your product or service.

And, unlike traditional advertsing channels, SEM is measurable when Adwords campaigns, Landing Pages and Google Analytics are setup by a trained professional like seoWest. Google Adwords may also be used in conjunction with Search Engine Optmization efforts to produce even greater returns.

search engine marketing

Reach your customers when they are searching for your product or service.