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If you are considering any of the Digital Marketing services offered by seoWest, such as Search Engine Optimization or Search Engine Marketing, we hope that you will take a few moments to read a few of the wonderful testimonials we have received from our valued clients and friends in order to help you make an informed decision. We continually strive to provide outstanding customer service, coupled with data-driven results. Testimonials like these make all of the effort worthwhile.

We met with several individuals and companies prior to choosing Dino to work with us on creating a new website. We were cautious, not wanting to repeat a painful prior experience with website design. We were specifically looking for someone local who could work with us to create a site that would reflect our values and our commitment to quality and customer service. We had a good idea of what we wanted included and excluded from our site. We didn’t want to sell product on our site. We wanted to sell Pedersen’s Furniture on our site; our values, our history, our talent, our experience, our reputation. Dino was perfect for this job. He came in and immediately understood what we were trying to achieve. He was a great listener and great collaborator and was honest with us when strayed from our vision. When he presented us with the first prototype, we were blown away. His talent was evident. We knew we had chosen well. Dino continues to help us with SEO, website updates, and ad Ad Words campaigns. We would highly recommend Dino for your website project.

Owner at Pedersen's Furniture Company, Ken Pedersen

Ken PedersenPresident Pedersen's Furniture - Home Furnishings in Santa Rosa, CA since 1892

After paying several different SEO services over a period of ten years with very poor results, I found seoWest through a referral from a local respected web design firm.  From day one Dino has worked incredibly hard to make my web site visible.  He’s knowledgeable, energetic, creative and super-skilled.  The level of responsiveness has been fantastic.  Dino’s service is as good after several months as it was the day we retained him.  He’s a pleasure to work with, and most importantly, he has increased my web page traffic.  I can’t recommend him highly enough.

Bankruptcy Attorney, Brian Barta

Brian BartaBankruptcy Attorney Law Offices of Brian Barta - Located in Santa Rosa, CA

I have had the distinct pleasure and good fortune to have worked with seoWest for about two years now. My level of satisfaction and gratitude is ‘off the charts.’ Dino is a pleasure to work with and always seems to understand what I am trying to accomplish. He is a tireless worker and VERY fair in what he charges and what he charges for. I am guilty of actually telling him he is too fair, but fortunately, he doesn’t listen! His work is impeccable (even to me a Plastic Surgeon) and the statistics bear out my claim.

I have been very happy with his web design and SEO management of the site. The search rankings have steadily risen since Dino started on the site. Having worked with several individuals prior to finding Dino, I can say that seoWest’s services stand well above the rest. Not only will Dino help you meet your needs, he has a way of seamlessly fitting his efforts into your life. I always feel that Dino is my partner and friend in this process, not just another consultant I have to force my way to make time for.

Due to Dino’s way of doing business in an old fashioned value based manner and his nature of truely caring for and about his clients ( I know several), you can not go wrong with a phone call to him. You will be most pleased too as we have been.

David E. Marcus, M.D.Cosmetic Surgeon Cosmetic Surgery & Laser Center - Santa Rosa, CA

I am very lucky to have seoWest work for our company. With other companies there are layers of management, salespeople and then the every revolving door of techs. Not with seoWest. Dino has been easy to work with and very responsive to all of our needs. No matter the questions or timing he always gets right back to us and has been great to explain everything we needed know.

All of our SEO and Adwords needs have been meet beyond our exceptions. You can only do better by adding seoWest to your team.

Rick LewisOwnerGold Rush Jewelers - with five North Bay locations

We had a website for years that did nothing for us that had been set up by another vendor. I have known Dino for years as a customer and got to talking to him one day about what he thought of a different way we could go. That was 5 or 6 years ago and he has made our web page work for us, not against us. He has weeded out all the unnecessary information and redesigned and monitors all of our traffic and updates monthly specials. He also explained and repaired what we need to do to get our search rankings where they should be. Like most small business owners when left to me it didn't happen, when left to the professionals at Seowest great things contain to happen. Thanks Dino for all your work.

Jim DadaosOwnerTristar Automotive - Automotive service & repair in Santa Rosa, CA

Before we came to Dino several years ago, our website had sat “under construction” for about two years with no progress. We hired Dino to take on the project and things started coming together immediately. He took our ideas and crafted them into a beautiful website that was not only functional but easy to use. He addressed all of our issues in a more than timely manner and got the project done. Dino is now working on our new website that will have over 4,300 products, pictures and descriptions and handling it with ease. It is a pleasure to work with him and I would recommend his company, seoWest, to anyone.

Travis WoodardGeneral ManagerUrban Tree Farm Nursery - Santa Rosa, CA

What brought me to “seoWest” and Dino, was a problem. But not unlike many other businesses, being found on the Internet is not an easy task. I found Dino to be very easy to work with and his expertise in the Search Engine Optimization aspects of the Internet were outstanding. When we type my business name into the search engines now, we’re on the front page almost every time. The SEO work worked out so well and was done so professionally that I decided to have him build me a whole new website. His ideas and implementation of the new website has been outstanding, I have had many compliments and have enjoyed working with him immensely.

I also appreciate the fact that he understands we are a small business and cannot afford a lot. I think his rates are very, very reasonable and affordable. Well worth the money spent. And even though I have not met the fellow in person I feel as though I can call him a friend.

Paul SaviezOwnerSaviez Vineyard Management - Napa Valley, CA